Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Trip to Disney...Part 6 "Breakfast at Kona Cafe and Back Home. See Ya Real Soon"

Wow were we all exhausted!  I'm glad that I set an alarm for us to get up or we would have never made our breakfast reservations.  Once we got everything packed up and daddy went to get the car, we started to bring the stuff down and packed up.  We were headed to the Polynesian Resort to have breakfast at the Kona Cafe.  I had looked at the menu before making the reservation and I was sold when I saw macadamia-nut and pineapple pancakes.  Outside the restaurant there was a cut-out of Lilo and Stitch, which seemed appropriate given the Hawaiian feel of the resort.
We were seated pretty quickly and began to look over the menu.  I already knew what I was going to get.  We all settled on Tonga Toast (daddy), Macadamia-nut and pineapple pancakes (mommy), Mickey Pancakes with blueberries (Lily), and Mickey Pancakes with chocolate chips (Emma).
Tonga Toast

Macadamia Nut and Pineapple Pancakes
Mickey Pancakes.
Breakfast was so so yummy.  It was the first sit-down breakfast of the trip and well deserved.  After breakfast it was time to head back home and although we were happy to be going home, we were all a little sad to be leaving Disney.  On the ride home we talked about all the fun we had and stuff we did.  About 20 minutes from home, I look back and see this,
Once we got home you ladies could not wait to open your Anna and Elsa dolls and play with them.

needed to get a picture of the "hair" because it will never look like that again.
This was the best trip and I am so glad that we waited until you ladies were 5 to go.  It was the perfect age to see and experience everything for the first time.  I have to commend you ladies, not once did you complain about walking.  I guess the secret Disney summer book camp worked :)  We all have a wish list of things we want to do next time at every park.  I'm trying to talk daddy into getting season passes :)

Here are some personalized maps that I had done of our trip.

See ya real soon Mickey, Princesses and Friends.

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