Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Painted Pony

This past Sunday was "Fun Day Sunday" at The Painted Pony in Monticello, Florida.  Auntie peggy found a link to it online and passed it my way.  It looked like a lot of fun.  Daddy wanted to get some stuff done around the house so I kidnapped auntie peggy with us (it really was not that hard to convince her to come :-).  We drove to Monticello, shortly after naptime. The first thing the girls saw were the horses in the pasture and started squealing at the top of their lungs.  They then kept saying "horsey...horsey...horsey".  We then made our way through the "horse" pasture and tried to avoid the piles :-)

The first thing we did was go on a hayride.  It was the girls first hayride and they loved it.

Horse says Lily

Classic Emma look!

After the hayride we went to look at the different animals.  First stop was to visit the mini horse and the baby donkey whose name was Lilly.  It was a little surprising to see how the girls reacted to the animals and not what I thought would happen.  Emma went right up and started patting the horse and Lily decided to stay back and watch from a distance.

If I keep my hand behind my back then I won't have to touch them.
Emma and Lilly the donkey almost got very close.

Emma was fascinated that Lilly the donkey was eating the grass and she encouraged her to continue doing so.

At this point Lily decided, that maybe it's not so bad to pet the donkey and she jumped right in!

After petting the mini horse and baby donkey we went to go see the "painted" horses.

We were really excited to find out that we could paint one of the horses' ourselves.
getting the paint on our hands

Emma's handprint's

Lily's turn with the paint

Emma and Lily's hand-print's are the blue and yellow ones
After we cleaned our hands we went over to the pumpkin decorating table and decorated some mini pumpkins.  Lily decided that she wanted to go back and see the mini horse and baby donkey again.


hi horsey

Then we saw chickens, geese, bunny's and a pig oh my.

Next the girls found the swings and Emma was in heaven.  She would have stayed on the swing all day.


After the swing we had a mini photo shoot.  We usually do when auntie peggy brings her camera.

Here are my two favorite ones

We headed out and took one last hayride

We thanked the tractor driver and touched the tractor.  The tractor driver asked if the girls wanted to "drive" the tractor, so up we went.

It was a great afternoon and we will definitely go to The Painted Pony again.