Monday, January 12, 2015

52 Week Project-Week 2

This week I did some candid pictures of what the you ladies are up to these days.
Lily your picture is childhood personified.  You love the new dollhouse and play with it every chance you get.

Emma, you are our little thinker.  Every chance you get you practice your writing and spelling.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Queen Elsa Froze the Trees

About a week ago we saw that the weather forecast was predicting freezing temperatures for us soon. daddy and I were talking and he thought it would be really cool to try and freeze the tree in the front yard and we would pretend that Elsa did it.  So last night after soccer practice he went to work on trying to figure out the best way to do it.  He was in and out of the garage several times and finally he came and told me that he did not have the right tools to do it and it was not going to work. He would try it next time.  I was a little disappointed, I mean when would the next time year???  So imagine my surprise (and yours too) when I woke Emma up and we looked outside to see if the ground was frozen from the cold and we saw this.....
It was AMAZING and I could not believe that daddy was tricking me when he said he couldn't do it. So we quickly woke Lily up and showed her as well and she was so excited.  I don't think I have EVER seen you ladies get dressed so quickly.  It was still really cold outside, well cold for us.  I think the temperature was around 22 degrees while we were out exploring.
look how big those icicles are!

You ladies have the best daddy in the world!

Monday, January 5, 2015

52 Week Project-Week 1

This year I decided to try and focus on taking a picture of each lady by herself.  Today is week 1 of the "McElroy Monday Memory" Project.  I figured why not start the project with the traditional "white front door pic."  I'm excited to watch the ladies change over the course of a year.

Emma - week 1

Lily- week 1

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014 was going to be the year of costume changes. Our first were at Disney. Our second would be the ones for school and our third would be the ones for trick-or-treating.  Why not, I mean Halloween is a super fun holiday all about dressing up!  So we found your school Halloween costumes at Costco in early September and they were something that we didn't have.  So for school you ladies were dressed up as a witch and a pirate (princess)
So Mommy really wanted to wear the purple wig we have to work on Halloween so Peggy and I decided to become sugar fairies.  We were here to rid the day of processed sugar :)  So I took the purple wig, borrowed your wings and wand and viola, the sugar fairy was born.

It was really funny when we got to school.  You were telling all your friends that I was going to take their candy.  Once I got to work I found the blue sugar fairy.
While mommy was at work, you ladies at a fall festival at school where you went to the other class rooms and played games and went trick-or-treating.  After the fall festival you had your class Halloween party.  Michelle (Addy's mom) and Ashley (Maddy Grace's mom) send me a few pictures of both events.

After school we came home and changed into our trick-or-treating costumes...we are going out as a Super Hero Family!.  It was so much fun.
Spider-Girl and Bat-Girl
Captain America with his sidekicks...Spider-Girl and Bat-Girl
Wonder Woman and her sidekicks Spider-Girl and Bat-Girl
We went over to Peggy and Chris' to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood.  It is a lot of fun over there and the perfect place to go.  Since we had another set of hands we got a Super Hero Family picture. 
I didn't really take any pictures while we were out, but I did get on of a very cool house.  This year they did a ghostbusters theme, complete with the music from all the movies.
We had such a great time and got quite a bit of candy.  When we were on our way home you ladies started to talk about he sugar fairy again and wanted to know if she was going to come to the house and take all the candy and you seemed very excited about it.  We said we weren't sure if she was going to come, but she might. When you woke up in the morning you saw this....
You ladies were SO EXCITED that the sugar fairy came and took your candy and gave you new dolls.  You kept saying that it was awesome and you loved that annies bunnies and goldfish were in the bucket.  Not once did you ask for the candy the day after :)

Here is a look-back out the past 6 years of Halloween Costumes :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Trip to Disney...Part 6 "Breakfast at Kona Cafe and Back Home. See Ya Real Soon"

Wow were we all exhausted!  I'm glad that I set an alarm for us to get up or we would have never made our breakfast reservations.  Once we got everything packed up and daddy went to get the car, we started to bring the stuff down and packed up.  We were headed to the Polynesian Resort to have breakfast at the Kona Cafe.  I had looked at the menu before making the reservation and I was sold when I saw macadamia-nut and pineapple pancakes.  Outside the restaurant there was a cut-out of Lilo and Stitch, which seemed appropriate given the Hawaiian feel of the resort.
We were seated pretty quickly and began to look over the menu.  I already knew what I was going to get.  We all settled on Tonga Toast (daddy), Macadamia-nut and pineapple pancakes (mommy), Mickey Pancakes with blueberries (Lily), and Mickey Pancakes with chocolate chips (Emma).
Tonga Toast

Macadamia Nut and Pineapple Pancakes
Mickey Pancakes.
Breakfast was so so yummy.  It was the first sit-down breakfast of the trip and well deserved.  After breakfast it was time to head back home and although we were happy to be going home, we were all a little sad to be leaving Disney.  On the ride home we talked about all the fun we had and stuff we did.  About 20 minutes from home, I look back and see this,
Once we got home you ladies could not wait to open your Anna and Elsa dolls and play with them.

needed to get a picture of the "hair" because it will never look like that again.
This was the best trip and I am so glad that we waited until you ladies were 5 to go.  It was the perfect age to see and experience everything for the first time.  I have to commend you ladies, not once did you complain about walking.  I guess the secret Disney summer book camp worked :)  We all have a wish list of things we want to do next time at every park.  I'm trying to talk daddy into getting season passes :)

Here are some personalized maps that I had done of our trip.

See ya real soon Mickey, Princesses and Friends.