Saturday, June 14, 2014

Oh Blueberry Picking We Will Go...

Last year we tried our hand at Blueberry picking and had a great time.  So when the emails from the blueberry farm started to arrive about the current crop and opening day we got excited.  We weren't able to make it to opening weekend with Gymnastics and Soccer, so we tried for the following weekend.  Daddy is not a big blueberry picker...eater of blueberries, yes.  So I asked Peggy if she wanted to join us.  We first tried to go on Friday evening, and we were all set and then the email came that it was storming in Monticello so no picking.  We made plans to try again on Saturday.  To be honest, I was not very hopeful.  It was storming here, but we gave it a shot.  We picked Peggy up and took the short drive to Monticello.  While we were driving, the sky started to clear and the blue skies appeared.  It was perfect there.  We were only a handful of pickers so it was like we had the place to ourselves.  I love the fact that it is a certified organic farm, so I don't have to worry if the girls snuck a berry or two :)

I love this picture.  We have one from last year as well
the serious picker

busy pickers

action shot
blueberry picking is very serious business

we came...we picked...we conquered!  Close to 10 pounds of blueberries
you tend to look silly when saying "blueberries"
We a fun time and great company.  I wonder how long our 5lbs of blueberries will last.