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First Trip to Disney World...Part 2 "Dowtown Disney and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party"

We had requested an early check-in at the hotel, but our room was not available so they stored our luggage and we went off to get the bus to Downtown Disney.  I believe that this was the first time you ladies were on a bus.  It was not a bad ride over and you ladies could barely contain your excitement. You kept asking when we were going to meet everyone and go on the rides and we kept saying to have a little patience, that you would get to see anyone you wanted and ride almost everything, but that we had a schedule and certain things had to happen getting you your first pair of mickey ears!  We went in the store and you both picked out the pink princess ones with the tiara and veil.  So while they put your name on them we explored a little.

There was a small carousel in the middle of the area so you ladies went on that while daddy watched.

We saw some "characters."

And then it was time to get your hats.  They turned out so cute!  But more importantly, it was time for LUNCH!!!!!

We had reservations at Ragland Road for lunch.  This was the first of our Disney Meals and it did not disappoint.  Emma had some amazing mac and cheese with Irish Cheese; Lily you had a Cheeseburger with, you guessed it, Irish Cheese, Daddy had a salmon salad and I had the children's risotto.

For dessert we had the bread pudding and they put two candles in for your birthday.  After we were done with lunch we needed to go back to the buses and the hotel.  We were hoping that our room was ready, we had some very important plans for tonight. 

More "characters" on our way back.
the photobomber

mommy and "minnie" emma
So we got back to the hotel and our room was ready, but our luggage had not been delivered :( While we waited for our luggage, I noticed that we had a message on the phone.  I first played it and then re-played it so you ladies could hear.  Mickey and Minnie had called to wish you ladies a very happy birthday.

What you ladies did not know was that we were going to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party tonight.  You also did not know that we bought you Anna and Elsa dresses and mommy and daddy were also dressing up as the King and Olaf, so the suitcases were of big importance since we needed to try the dresses on and then pack them in our backpacks to bring with us. Finally, they delivered our luggage so while I unpacked the surprises, Daddy kept you ladies in the bathroom and gave you a lesson on "pooping".  That is all I going to say about that here :)

With everything packed up, we made our way to the buses to go to Magic Kingdom.  Now practically everything at Disney is on a "reservation" basis, shows, rides, meals and we had several items lined up, but the bus moved a little slower than we had hoped and we missed the first ride, but hopefully we can make that up later in the day.

Here is your first look at everything once we made it into the Magic Kingdom.  You were both memorized and I loved watching your faces with everything new that you encountered.  It was like Daddy and I were going to Disney for the first time as well.  We purchased the memory maker package so that allowed us to get a lot of family pictures and ones with those "characters" that you could not wait to meet.

First family pictures in front of the castle :)

I love that tinkerbelle jumped into your picture :)

Daddy was the map man and navigated us through the park.  Our first stop was to meet Ariel :)

You ladies were so excited while we were waiting and could hardly contain yourselves.

Next stop was to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel, but first we stopped to get a picture in front of Beast's castle.

Daddy and I had not been to Magic Kingdom in a long time so a lot of the stuff was new to us.  I really liked the Fairytale Princess Hall and how it was set up. We tried to stay away from the Anna and Elsa side, since we had not been able to get a reservation to see them.  First up, you ladies met Rapunzel and man is her hair long!

Rapunzel was so excited that it was your birthday that she walked you over to Cinderella to tell her all about it.

Cinderella did a special birthday wish with you ladies.

After meeting several princesses, it was time to take things up a notch and go on your first roller coaster.  We went on Goofy's Barnstormer and it was so much fun!   We had a little time before our next ride window opened so we ventured over to see if we could meet Merida.  After a short wait it was your turn to see her.

After we were done meeting Merida, a cast member asked if you ladies have made your happy birthday wish with pixie dust and she did it for you.

It was now time to go on another roller coaster before the party started so we headed over to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  This one was so much fun!

We even got a video of the ride.
After the Mine Train, you stopped to see if you could pull the sword out of the stone.

no go, we will have to try again next time.
It was now time to grab some dinner and get ready for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Before we left the hotel we let you see the the costumes we had for the Halloween party, we were going as a Frozen family.  Before getting our costumes on, we decided to grab a bite to eat and we had dinner at Pinocchio Village Haus.  While we were waiting in line a very nice cast member was talking to you ladies about your birthday and then disappeared, when she came back she had two little chocolate cakes with stickers on them for your birthday.  Little did we know this was just the start of all the "pixie dust" we would get over the next several days.  With our costumes on, we were ready to explore more of the park and find a seat for the Boo to You Parade.
Princess Anna and Queen Elsa
the Seven Dwarfs were meeting people, but the line was very long.

We found a place to watch the parade over by Sleepy Hollow. So we settled in and got ready for the parade.

There was a small dance party with Phineaus and Ferb that you ladies did.
Then the lights started to flash and the music got a little spooky, and the headless horseman began the parade.
My camera was close to dying so I didn't get many pictures from the parade, but the when I looked on our Memory Maker there were some pictures on there :)

After the parade, we made our way over to the castle to get a spot for the castle show and the Halloween fireworks.  We were there a few minutes and that snail in Lily's nose bit her finger and started bleeding :)  We tried for about 20 minutes to get it to stop and weren't having very much luck, so we made our way to the first aid building to see if they could help.  We were given ice and I had to apply pressure for 10 minutes.  The castle show was about to start so Daddy and Emma went outside to watch it.  When it was over they came in to check on us and it had stopped, but started up again. At this time the Halloween Fireworks were starting, so Daddy and Emma went outside to watch them. We were finally able to get it to stop and made it out to see the last two seconds of the finale.  There was a great picture on our memory maker so it's like we got to see them.

We were headed out of the park at this time, Lily your nose was still doing good, but we realized that we didn't have any family pictures of our costumes, so we stopped at a few of the photographer stands on the way out.
the "frozen" family

While we were in line I saw that the times to meet Tinkerbelle and Mickey Mouse were very short, so in an attempt to salvage the night we went over to see them.  I AM SO GLAD we did this.  The meet and interaction with Tinkerbelle was one of my favorite things this trip.  It was awesome.

tink was asking about cinderella

Next we went to see Town Square Mickey.  I was hoping that he was still in his Halloween costume, and he was.  What is really awesome about Town Square Mickey is that he talks to you :)
mickey was singing happy birthday to you!

After we met Mickey, we were all pretty tired, it had been a super busy day after all.  So we headed to get the bus back to the hotel.  We had an early morning waiting for us as we went to Animal Kingdom.  We told you were were "going to the zoo."

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