Monday, August 18, 2014


It is are now in big girl school.  Although you are still at Growing Room, you are in VPK. It is basically boot camp for Kindergarten.  We picked out your outfits last week, not only for today , but I think for the whole week :)  You were so excited when you went to bed last night and even more so this morning when I woke you up.  Well Emma you were up and Lily was still a little sleepy.  Last week I asked you ladies a few questions so I could make your first day of VPK signs for pictures this morning.  Everything moved quite smoothly this morning, no real issues (I think you were both too excited to go into the BIG class that you were extra cooperative).

what a difference between this year and last!

Here are the signs that you were holding in the pictures.  When I asked you both last week what you wanted to be when you grew up you both said a cheerleader and then a few minutes later said Nurse and Pediatrician.  I hope you both will always love to learn!

There was a small detour on the way to school, as a tree had fallen on the road that we usually go so it took a little longer to get there today.  I wanted to get your picture in front of the school for a little project that I am working on.
We had to make a stop before going to your class.  Yesterday you both said that you wanted to make cards for Ms. Virginia and Ms. Christi, your teachers last year.  So we stopped by your old class.  Ms. Virginia was there and she was so happy to see you both and get cards.  Lily you even started to go put your back pack on your old spot...silly girl.  

We then walked down the hall to your new BIG classroom.  I remember when Daddy and I toured your school before you started and we saw that room and I remember that is a really cool room. It is about the size of a kindergarten class with lots of room.  There are separate bathrooms for boys and girls as well as lots of different areas for learning.  You were excited to see some of your old friends and to see Ms. LuAnn, who is your new teacher.  Her para-pro is Mr. Erin and then Ms. Rebecca will be there in the afternoons.  You went in, found your cubby, and back pack place, washed your hands and went straight to the books like you had done this a million times.  

I love watching your ladies grow and gain more and more independence every day.  You did oblige me with one last picture as I was leaving.
what big girls!
I was excited to pick you ladies up today and to hear all about your day.  I ran into Ms. LuAnn who said that everyone had a great day and that you ladies were such big helpers today.  When I got into the class Ms. Rebecca was there and you were both so excited to tell me about your day.  We called Nana and Papa and told them all about your day.

After dinner Daddy and I surprised with you a special treat...we went to the "ice cream house" to start the tradition of back to school ice cream.

Here's to a great VPK year!