Friday, October 10, 2014

First Trip to Disney World...Part 3 "It's a Jungle Out There (Animal Kingdom)"

After our super fun day and night yesterday, morning seemed to come really early today.
Since we were staying onsite, we were able to take advantage of "extra magic" hours at the park. And today Animal Kingdom had extra magic morning hours.  This meant the the park opened at 8am for resort guests and 9am for the general public.  So we got up and ready to be over there before it opened at 8am.

We grabbed some breakfast food from the dining area in the hotel and we were off on our way to a fun-filled morning at Animal Kingdom.
After we got through the gates, we headed to the Safari.  I knew from reading that they animals are more active first thing in the morning.  On out way over we took some pictures with the disney photographers.

I love how the butterfly just "landed" on your hands :)
There was no line at all for the safari and we walked right on.  I love this experience at the park, you never know what animals you are going to see.

After the Safari we made our way over to Dinoland to ride the the Triceratops Spin.  This is Animal Kingdom's version of Dumbo.  In the way over there was a cast member who was demonstrating this ball/yo-yo thing and you ladies wanted to try and get it to work.  

Next stop Triceratops Spin.  You ladies got to ride in the dino by yourself.

We stopped to get a picture in Dinoland before going to "Dinosaur"

So Daddy and I didn't remember this next ride being quite as scary as it was, but you ladies were rockstars and although I don't think you want to go on that again for a while, had fun.

Next up was the Lion King show.  On our way over we stopped for some more pictures.

The theater where they do the show is the building at the end.  The show was AMAZING!  We were seated in the Lion section of the theater and every so often we had to "roar" like lions.  The singing and acting were top notch, but you ladies liked the crazy trampoline jumping monkeys the best. After the lion king show we had a meeting scheduled with Mickey and Minnie before lunch.  They were all decked out in their safari gear.

After our visit with Mickey and Minnie it was time for our lunch reservation.  We had reservations at Tusker House.  While we were waiting for our table that had photographers outside taking pictures. So we took advantage of that.

I was looking forward to this meal, as I had read that the food was very good and unique. Well the food did not disappoint at all.  It was very yummy.  One other "small" thing about Tusker House was that is was a character meal.  So you ladies got to meet and hang out with Daisy, Donald, Goofy and Mickey came by.  First up to our table was Daisy and boy she was excited that it was your birthday. She even left a birthday message in your autograph book.  She was fun and gave you both a squeeze.

Next to our table was Daisy's good friend Donald.  He was pretty funny as well.  After he signed your book you ladies got up and took a picture with him.

Next up was your pal Mickey, who must have escaped without Minnie noticing him.

Mickey being "goofy"


We were close to finishing our lunch when Goofy made he was over, and boy was he ever Goofy.
patiently waiting on Goofy

Goofy being "Goofy"

Lunch was yummy, yummy, yummy.  I would definitely go back here again!  When lunch was over we made our way over to the last ride of the day at Animal Kingdom, the Kali Rapids.  We stopped to get a distant look at the Tree of Life first, before we were all potentially soaking wet.

There are no pictures from the Kali Rapids ride, although my camera is waterproof I was too worried about getting soaked.  The ladies put on our ponchos and daddy decided to brave it out.  Well Lily, I really wish I would have taken a picture because you had the poncho completely covering every surface of your body, I'm not sure how you were breathing.  Daddy was sitting next to a couple who were just married and well they were in the bad luck seat, because they got SOAKED!  Daddy did get a little wet, but nothing like the people next to him.  There was not once part of their body that was dry.  After the rapids ride it was time to head out of the park.  We were going to have some down time at the hotel.

It's your world and we just live here

the tram photobomber...he was also a twin

on the tram waiting to get back to our car.
Since we left really early this morning we didn't have a chance to check out some the "giant" items around the hotel property.

It's time for a break and maybe some sleep for the ladies.  This evening we are going to Hollywood Studios for more fun and surprises.

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