Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Today was daddy's 3rd official father's day.  We made him a movie of your first 2.5 years and all the memories so far.   We let him sleep in and I even made breakfast that morning.  Grandma and Grandpa were coming over so we could all go out to lunch to celebrate.  We decided to go to Chili's and it was super yummy.

Happy Father's Day daddy!

After a great lunch you ladies and daddy took a nap and I started to get things ready for dinner, which included some yummy peach cobbler.  Daddy said he had a great day and he loved the movie.  We may have to make it a tradition.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pool Time, Playground and Ice Cream Oh My

I love summer Saturday's when the weather is nice.  It is so much fun to be outside and active with you ladies.  We started today off with some swimming.  You ladies are like little fishes.  I am so glad that daddy insisted that we buy a house with a pool.

After and exhausting morning of swimming we all took a long nap, it was wonderful!  Since it was still nice outside we decided to go to the park and get some more energy out.  We just went to the one up the street from the house and although it was hot, we all had lots of fun!

daddy's girl

mommy and emma

happy emma

on the big swings
super girl

great sharing ladies
family photo
After about an hour in the heat, we we all beat, but also very hungry to we decided to go home and get changed and grab some dinner.  We went to the mexican restaurant up the street because you ladies love quesadilla's.

While at the restaurant, you and daddy were watching swimming videos from this morning.

After dinner we decided to walk over to Lofty Pursuits for an ice cream treat.  You both got cotton candy ice cream, lily you had blue sprinkles and emma you had mini m&m's on yours.  We also took some silly pictures with the mirror.

wow look at those arms lily!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Gymnastics Class

Today was your first gymnastics class.  It is a 30 minute class that you do with mommy/daddy/grandma grandpa.  Grandma and Grandpa picked you up from school and mommy met you ladies at the gymnasium. You have been asking for weeks when you can go to "nastics."  So needless to say you were very excited that we were actually going to "nastics."  Although, I'm not sure who was more excited you ladies or mommy.

waiting for your class to start

some light reading to pass the time

it's grandpa's first gymnastics class as well
 Once we went in, we met Coach Morgan.  She is really nice.  You did some stretches, well Lily did the stretches and Emma, you just observed.  Then Coach Morgan showed us how to do some of the activities and then you were off.  You jumped, did somersaults, crab-walked across the parallel bars, hung from the low bar, walked on the balance beam and jumped on the trampoline.  You had a blast and that was just the first class.  We have seven more classes this summer.

I made a movie to commemorate your first class.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Last Day of K2A

What a difference a year makes...
Today was your last day of K2A.  Your teachers this year were Ms. Serena, Ms. Virginia (Ms. Hannah, she left before christmas), and Ms. Amanda.  It has been such an amazing year.  You ladies have blossomed so much.  Ms. Serena, is there every morning to great you ladies.  She is so good with you Emma, she has a very calming effect on you.  Ms. Virginia is so patient with you and all your friends.  She has taught you ladies spanish and it is amazing to hear you talking in spanish.  Ms. Amanda came into your class later in the year, but Emma, you took right to her.  You are always saying "my Ms. Amanda" it is adorable.

You had an end of the year party and I was able to come and take some pictures.  I love seeing you ladies interact with your friends.

Emma, Patrick, Nadine, Addison, Kayla

Cameron, Lily

Ms. Virginia

Riley, Parker, Addison, Daniel, Zion, Mariah

Lily and Parker

Emma and "My Ms. Amanda"
Ms. Virginia