Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Snow Day" Tally 2014

There had been whispers of snow in Tallahassee for a week now.  Would it come, would it not come was the topic of most conversations.  The last time there was any significant snow fall in Tallahassee was 1989. Since we had missed out on all the snow on our trip up north I was really excited about the prospect of snow.  On Tuesday things really started to look promising, the county closed schools for Wednesday and your preschool followed suit.  You ladies went to bed fairly easy with the bribe of being woken up if the snow came.  I stayed up late and kept checking the weather, it was an absolute mess in Atlanta and I didn't want that, but some fluffy stuff would be fun.  This was the projected forecast when I went to bed and as you can see it had 100% chance of snow at 6 the morning.

Well, the snow didn't come :(  However, with the rain that fell we did get a lot of frozen stuff around the yard.  I wanted to take advantage of the "snow day", so I made peanut butter waffles with chocolate ganache for breakfast.

After breakfast I declared that we were going on an "ice hunt."  We all got bundled up in layers and rain jackets and boots and set out to explore what had frozen in our yard.  Just as we got outside it started to sleet.
touching the ice pellets

examining a branch'cicle
mommy, the chair is frozen

Here are some items we found on the ice hunt.
After exploring the back yard we went to the front yard and discovered that both mommy car and daddy's truck were frozen and covered in ice.

I thought it might be fun to build an ice man so we scraped all the ice of the vehicles and built "Leon" in honor of winter storm Leon.

We attempted to give Leon eyes and a nose, but it is not easy sticking things into ice, so he had arms and that was it.  After building Leon, we had a ice ball fight and daddy joined in on the fun.  While it was not snow, it was fun.  There were also icicles on the trees and house.  The ones on daddy's truck were pretty cool as well.
After having fun running around during the sleet storm, having and ice ball fight and building Leon we were all cold and settled back inside for lunch and naps.  Although the snow never came, we had a great "snow day" anyways.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Little Crafting for the Big Girl Room

So we really haven't done much to your room since you got your big girl beds and bedding for your birthday. Since the colors were really different from your other bedding we had to do all new decorations. I had seen a few things on Pinterest that caught my eye so we went that direction.  I was going to make bow and necklace holders for your room.  I had the frames from your birthday party already I just needed to repaint them.

We went with turquoise, magenta, yellow and sage green to go with your new bedding.

The next step was to add the chicken wire to the frames.  Daddy helped with this step.
one down three to go.
Once all four frames were done I need to figure out how to hang them on the wall.  I decided to get some orange ribbon since your bedding also has orange in it and use that to hang the frames to the wall.  I am so happy with how they turned out and it adds a pop of color to your room and ties in the bedding.

I'm sure that we will have to make some more as your bow and necklace collection keeps growing :)