Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun Time at Grandma and Grandpa's House

Grandma and Grandpa Beverly recently moved to Florida. We went over for lunch today and they had a playroom set up for the girls. Lunch was great and here are a few pics of the girls in their playroom.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

8 Months Old

I'm a little late in posting this but Happy Belated 8 Month Birthday Lilybug and Emmadoodle. You are growing and learning so much each day. Lily's top two teeth are coming in. Lily has been pulling up and standing up for a few weeks now, Emma is going to pull-up and stand at any moment now. You are eating all kinds of foods now, you love oatmeal with all kinds of fruits mixed in. You are both holding their bottles on your own, which makes me a little sad. You are really aware of each other now and interact and play together. Emma loves when Lily rolls or crawls on top of her.

The monthly picture were somewhat difficult this month. You did not want to sit still, you wanted to eat the paper, play with the bear and just did not seem interested in taking the picture. Funny story about your outfits...last august when you were still cooking, I began looking for Halloween costumes for you. I wanted you to be super cute for your 1st Halloween. So I found these adorable baby ballerina costumes that were marketed as "newborn" outfits. So finally at 8 months old you fit into your "newborn" Halloween costumes.

Here are some other cute pictures from their 8 Month birthday.

Good Morning Birthday Girls

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Play Time

One of our favorite things to do is watch the girls play. They have a huge room to play in that we have blocked off with baby gates. We lovingly refer to the room as "romper room".
They are so much fun to watch, you can see the gears in their brain working and trying to figure out how something works, how to make the noise and what the toy does.
We love going into romper room and playing with the girls. Since they are both "pulling up machines" they use us a human jungle gyms and we love it!

Double Trouble

The girls took all the toys out of the box

Emma "What Lily did it"

Lily "I didn't do anything"

Double trouble, double fun!

I'm a Big Girl Now

June 4, 2010... This is what I saw when I went to get the girls up in the morning.

Emma decided that 7am was the perfect time to learn how to pull herself up to a standing position. The only problem, was that she did not know how to get back down. Our world is definitely going to change with two standing babies. I love waking up each morning and going into their room to see what they have learned and what the are "up" to.

Mommy, I don't think I like standing.

Memorial Day Weekend

So my mom and dad (aka nana and papa) came to visit us for Memorial Day. We had a very low key relaxing weekend. The girls had blueberries for the first time, not sure if they really liked it, but it made for some very good pictures.

We followed up the blueberries with another swim lesson. Lily was not very happy in the pool today, Emma however was loving every bit of it. I'm not sure who had more fun, the girls or nana and papa?

We got the girls a new toy, since Lily has been pulling herself up on everything we thought that this might help her with walking. Lily tried to walk behind it and was able to take a few steps, but they really more excited about all the buttons that they can play with.

On Sunday morning we put Emma in her jumpie and she proceeded to jump for 5 minutes straight. Papa got 3.5 minutes on video before he ran out of space. it was so funny, she was jumping on her tippy toes and it looked as though she was dancing. We also noticed that Lily's top tooth was coming in. Papa felt it when he was feeding her.
Later in the day, we want to the playground. The girls had not been in the swings since Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Nicole were here 2 months ago. Lily was loving the swings this time and Emma, well not so much. So while Lily and Daddy were swinging, me and Em were sliding.

We went to Lake Ella afterwords and walked around. Nana and Papa left early on Monday morning. When Lily was eating her oatmeal, we noticed that her other top tooth was coming in. Two teeth in two days...WOW.

It was another fun weekend, can't wait till the 4th so we can do it again.

Baby Yoga

Emma has been a crawling fool lately, but she started doing what can only be considered as practicing baby yoga. Her favorite pose seems to be downward dog. Here is the progression of her yoga practice.

Play Date with our BFF

I feel so blessed and lucky that my best friend and I both have young children. Miss Jennifer is such a sweet, spunky little girl. I was so excited when we found out that we were having girls so that they could be baby best friends with Jennifer. Miss Jennifer is 10 months older than the girls. It is great when we are together because it's kinda like looking at the future and what I can expect. A few weeks ago we had our first official play date. We went to Books-A-Million. They have a Thomas the Train table set up in the children's book area. The girls "played" together, Jennifer was showing the girls how to play at the big kids table. Here are some pictures from our play date.

3 Best Friends