Sunday, October 21, 2012

PRSM Halloween Party

A few month's before Halloween I asked the girls what they wanted to be and Emma immediately said "a black cat" and Lily quickly followed suit with "a puppy dog".  So the search was on to find cute cat and dog costumes.  A friend of mine has an etsy store called Cutie Bootie Tutu, so I turned to her to help with this challenge. She made both tutu's, Lily's shirt and her adorable dog ear headband.  They are the cutest cat and dog I have ever seen.

trying our the costumes
We decided to have this year's PRSM Halloween Party at someone's house instead of a restaurant.  We did it on Sunday afternoon.

quick photo shoot before the party

adorable cat and dog

trying to get Emma's tail in the photo
Where's my tail???

Cassie has the perfect backyard for parties.  It is large and has several fun things to keep the little ones occupied.
Emma in love on the swing

Super Malone
Boo Emerson and Sola
Cute little ladybug

Cassie and Emerson
Scott and Sola

Thing 1 and Thing 1 (Lainey Grace and Ansley)

Super Malone and Super Flynn in the back

Eva and Becca with mommy Leah
Craft time


High flying cat

Snack break

Hi Daddy :)
This Halloween Party stuff is rough
The B Family
My Loves
The S Family

The H Family

President Dog and Secretary Cat

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