Saturday, October 6, 2012

3rd Birthday Umbrella Party

I'm still blown away that we are celebrating your 3rd birthday.  This one was really fun.  At the beginning of the year, your friend Jennifer had an umbrella with her one day.  You ladies were intrigued with the umbrella.  You asked if you could have an umbrella and I said you have to be three to have an umbrella, so the umbrella party was born.  The really surprising thing about this is that every time you saw an umbrella, you would say "when we turn 3, we get umbrella's"  so the concept of this party was pretty much a no-brainer.

pinterest inspired "3"
3 balloons for the birthday girls

party hats that we have had since your 1st birthday
all ready for the party in your party dresses

umbrella cupcakes

so excited that it's your birthday

birthday invitation used as decoration
Birthday Girls
family photo
family photo with nana and papa
family photo with grandma and grandpa
grandparent photo
nana and papa photo

mommy and her girls


Madelyn is in the middle

arr.  Uncle Jinny taught her this trick the day before

beautiful girls

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

present time


from Ms. Ginger and Mr. Ken

from Ms. Ginger and Mr. Ken

from Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Nicole and Madelyn
from Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Nicole and Madelyn

Lion from Aunt Nita and Trace'
Crayon Boxes from Peggy and Chris

Ok ladies...close your eyes.  No peaking Emma :)

cat umbrella from nana and papa
ladybug umbrella from nana and papa

decked out in our new rain gear from nana and papa

papa was not happy about all the umbrella's open the house

So it only seemed fitting that we needed to make it "rain".  It was a umbrella party after all.
Emma having a blast with her new rain gear

Pure Joy :)
The "Rain Man"

It was such a great party. It was so nice that Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Nicole, Madelyn, Nana, Papa, Aunt Nita and Trace' all took the time to travel up for the party.  It was also nice to spend time with all our friends and family.  Until next year. :)

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