Friday, October 5, 2012

Pre-Birthday Fun with Family

Nana, Papa, Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Nicole and Madelyn came up a few days early for your birthday party.  We went out to dinner and ice cream on Thursday evening.

Friday morning we woke up with no real plans.  We hung around the house for awhile.

We rode bikes after breakfast.  Nana was the bike leader.
After some lunch we decided to go outside and use up some energy.  We played with the football, big ball and soccer ball in the front year.
must always wear a tiara while playing football.

run run as fast as you can
water break

not sure what happened, maybe they thought they were in trouble :)
great catch maddy
cousin love
cousin love

maybe a little too much love

After some yard fun, we switched gears and headed to the playground.
higher nana!

swinging with papa
swinging with papa
your too big uncle Jimmy

stop rocking daddy

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