Saturday, May 26, 2012

Big Girl Beds

We've been delaying the inevitable for a while now...moving you ladies into big girl beds.  Part of me wanted to do it and the other part was afraid of what would happen.  You ladies sleep so well and the thought of you wondering around the room...well it has made us put this off.

Earlier this week, we decided that it would be a good time to take the plunge.  We have a long weekend ahead.  We told you ladies on Wednesday that there was going to be a big surprise on Saturday, but you had to be really big girls, be good and listen.  We reminded you ladies all week long about it.  Every day you asked about the "big supise."

Last night unbenounced to you ladies was the last night in your "cribs."  It was bittersweet moment for mommy.

It was a while after you went to bed and Lily, you started to cry.  It wasn't the attention cry, it was the something is wrong cry.  I went up and your blanket was in the middle of the floor, but you couldn't get it.  I picked it up, tucked you in and kissed your forehead.  It was then that I got a lump in my throat, this could be the last time that you needed mommy to get your blanket.

It was one of the moments or milestones that appear out of know where, but are as important as the bigger ones, starting kindergarten, learning to drive, graduation, etc.  It was such a huge milestone for mommy, you ladies are growing up so fast, I feel like if I blink to long you will be in kindergarten.  I wanted to make a big deal about this milestone.

Here you ladies are in your cribs for the last time.

After breakfast, we went upstairs to start on your "big supise." We had a small dance party while daddy was gathering the supplies.  After a little prep, we told you that the "big supise" was that you were getting big girl beds.  I wish that I can caught the expression on your faces, you were so excited.  You were big helpers in getting everything set up.  You ladies loved that you were getting big girl beds.  Once they were set you could not stay out of the beds.  You bounced back and forth between the beds giggling the whole way.  It was such an amazing moment to see that both of you in the same bed, laughing away.

daddy wanted to try out the big girl beds :)
 We thought it would be fun to go outside and play with the gecko (aka, tire you out so you will nap).  We had lunch and then it was up to take your first nap in your big girl beds.  I told you that if you were really good, we would go to the store when you woke up to buy something for your bug girl beds.

It was off to a rocky start and we were afraid that you might not nap at all, but you did finally fall asleep after an hour or so.

Lily, you woke up from your nap first and went over to see Emma and then quickly went back to your bed once you saw that she was still sleeping.  You waited about 15 minutes and then grabbed your blanket and put your head on Emma's bed.  

I was watching this through monitor and my heart started to melt.  After about a minute or so I heard to say "emma wake up...emma wake up, ok emma I go in your bed now." 

 And quick as that you were in emma's bed and the two of you were laughing away.

Since you ladies were so good at naptime, we went to Target to get a surprise for your big girl beds.

 First mommy wanted to get you a special treat for being such big girls.

We went proceeded to the surprise that mommy had bedding for the big girl beds!!!!!!.  There were two different ones that matched the colors that were already in your room.  Mommy took the two different ones and placed them on the floor so that you could choose what ones that you want.

ladybugs or owls?????
Although I had my preference, I wanted to ladies to pick the one that you each wanted.  You looked at each one and decided that you both wanted the ladybug one.  Mommy was secretly doing the happy dance, because that is the one that I wanted as well.

Emma picked the ladybugs
lily picked the ladybugs as well
Since the big girl bedding comes with a pillowcase, we obviously had to get big girl pillows as well.  We we checked out you told the cashier that " this is our new bedding for our big girl beds."  It was adorable!

successful shopping trip
We came home, had dinner (yummy pizza) and went to put your new bedding on the beds.  It was so  much fun.  You ladies were so excited about the ladybugs and telling me all the colors.  It really was amazing and so much fun.  Once the beds were made you hopped in and pretended to sleep.

We had a special desert that I made, just for the big day and went to bed a little later than normal.  It was around 720 when you went to bed.  At first you stayed in your own beds.  And then within a few minutes, Lily you had gathered your new blanket, and pillow and moved into Emma's bed.  You then went back and grabbed all your buddies.  I was watching on the monitor and you were laughing and took turns laying on each other. I think my heart grew 10 sizes just watching this.  

I love love love that I get to be your mommy. After a little bit, you ladies then decided to move everything into Lily's bed.  This lasted for a little while and then you you made it your way back to your own beds and at approximately 830, you were both asleep.

Mommy and daddy are so proud of you ladies.  You really are big girls!

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