Monday, August 18, 2014


It is are now in big girl school.  Although you are still at Growing Room, you are in VPK. It is basically boot camp for Kindergarten.  We picked out your outfits last week, not only for today , but I think for the whole week :)  You were so excited when you went to bed last night and even more so this morning when I woke you up.  Well Emma you were up and Lily was still a little sleepy.  Last week I asked you ladies a few questions so I could make your first day of VPK signs for pictures this morning.  Everything moved quite smoothly this morning, no real issues (I think you were both too excited to go into the BIG class that you were extra cooperative).

what a difference between this year and last!

Here are the signs that you were holding in the pictures.  When I asked you both last week what you wanted to be when you grew up you both said a cheerleader and then a few minutes later said Nurse and Pediatrician.  I hope you both will always love to learn!

There was a small detour on the way to school, as a tree had fallen on the road that we usually go so it took a little longer to get there today.  I wanted to get your picture in front of the school for a little project that I am working on.
We had to make a stop before going to your class.  Yesterday you both said that you wanted to make cards for Ms. Virginia and Ms. Christi, your teachers last year.  So we stopped by your old class.  Ms. Virginia was there and she was so happy to see you both and get cards.  Lily you even started to go put your back pack on your old spot...silly girl.  

We then walked down the hall to your new BIG classroom.  I remember when Daddy and I toured your school before you started and we saw that room and I remember that is a really cool room. It is about the size of a kindergarten class with lots of room.  There are separate bathrooms for boys and girls as well as lots of different areas for learning.  You were excited to see some of your old friends and to see Ms. LuAnn, who is your new teacher.  Her para-pro is Mr. Erin and then Ms. Rebecca will be there in the afternoons.  You went in, found your cubby, and back pack place, washed your hands and went straight to the books like you had done this a million times.  

I love watching your ladies grow and gain more and more independence every day.  You did oblige me with one last picture as I was leaving.
what big girls!
I was excited to pick you ladies up today and to hear all about your day.  I ran into Ms. LuAnn who said that everyone had a great day and that you ladies were such big helpers today.  When I got into the class Ms. Rebecca was there and you were both so excited to tell me about your day.  We called Nana and Papa and told them all about your day.

After dinner Daddy and I surprised with you a special treat...we went to the "ice cream house" to start the tradition of back to school ice cream.

Here's to a great VPK year!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Oh Blueberry Picking We Will Go...

Last year we tried our hand at Blueberry picking and had a great time.  So when the emails from the blueberry farm started to arrive about the current crop and opening day we got excited.  We weren't able to make it to opening weekend with Gymnastics and Soccer, so we tried for the following weekend.  Daddy is not a big blueberry picker...eater of blueberries, yes.  So I asked Peggy if she wanted to join us.  We first tried to go on Friday evening, and we were all set and then the email came that it was storming in Monticello so no picking.  We made plans to try again on Saturday.  To be honest, I was not very hopeful.  It was storming here, but we gave it a shot.  We picked Peggy up and took the short drive to Monticello.  While we were driving, the sky started to clear and the blue skies appeared.  It was perfect there.  We were only a handful of pickers so it was like we had the place to ourselves.  I love the fact that it is a certified organic farm, so I don't have to worry if the girls snuck a berry or two :)

I love this picture.  We have one from last year as well
the serious picker

busy pickers

action shot
blueberry picking is very serious business

we came...we picked...we conquered!  Close to 10 pounds of blueberries
you tend to look silly when saying "blueberries"
We a fun time and great company.  I wonder how long our 5lbs of blueberries will last.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kitchen Command Center

Most of the craft projects we do you ladies are involved in.  Although you were not directly involved in creating this one, it came about because of you :)  The kitchen counters were becoming dumping grounds, with all your art projects from school, your reports and newsletters, our bills and just stuff in general.  I poked around online to try and find something that I could put in the kitchen area to control all the stuff. There were a few things that I liked, but nothing that I loved. I then came across something that I loved, but it was pretty pricey, so I decided to try and recreate it.  I went to the store and bought all the items I thought I would need.  

Next I painted the outside of the chalkboard.  I wanted it to blend in the kitchen and was not fond of the natural wood look.

testing out the surface of the chalkboard 
I also painted the boxes that were going to be affixed to the board.  Again with a color that would look nice in the kitchen area.  Once they were dry I placed them in the area they would be, using a magazine to test the height.

Once the adhesive on the boxes had dried, I used chalkboard labels for the boxes and attached it to the wall.

It is large enough that I can do the weekly dinner menu, your sight words and some fun sayings.  I even bought my very own chalk. So now hopefully the counters will stay clutter free and you ladies can help me decorate the board.

First Visit to Cascades Park (and Voodoo Dog)

Cascades Park is a new park in our town.  Well the space is not new, it is really old, but they have been working on renovating and rejuvenating that area for several years.  The result is a 12 acre space with walking trails, a playground, an ampitheatre, a splash pad and tons of green space. After gymnastics and a visit to grandma's house we decided to surprise you ladies with a visit to the park.  We didn't tell you where we were going, but we ran home and grabbed your bathing suits.  To say the place is amazing, is an understatement.  It is such a jewel, right in the middle of downtown.

First we explored the walking path.  There were quite a few people and dogs walking around.

someone had a remote control boat in the water

 After exploring the trails and green space we headed over to the playground.  It was a different kind of playground, one that you can use your imagination with.

After exploring Discovery, we made it over to the splash pad area.  In the courtyard there is an area that shows the state with all the counties.
Indian River County, where mommy is from.
Bradford County, where daddy is from.
Leon County, where you ladies are from.
Next we were off to the splash pad.  This is such a great addition to our area.  I can see us visiting this quite often.

 The longer we stayed the baggier your bathing suit bottom became.  At least they fit this year :)  You ladies burned up quite the appetite so we decided to take you a fun local place for lunch, Voodoo Dog.

 You ladies played Ms. Pac-Man

 You also had your first Voodoo Dog, The Jefferson.  Which is a bacon wrapped hot dog topped with mac-n-cheese.  You ladies loved it!
I call this a successful outing :)
I can see a lot of visits to Cascades Park in our future.