Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Visit to Cascades Park (and Voodoo Dog)

Cascades Park is a new park in our town.  Well the space is not new, it is really old, but they have been working on renovating and rejuvenating that area for several years.  The result is a 12 acre space with walking trails, a playground, an ampitheatre, a splash pad and tons of green space. After gymnastics and a visit to grandma's house we decided to surprise you ladies with a visit to the park.  We didn't tell you where we were going, but we ran home and grabbed your bathing suits.  To say the place is amazing, is an understatement.  It is such a jewel, right in the middle of downtown.

First we explored the walking path.  There were quite a few people and dogs walking around.

someone had a remote control boat in the water

 After exploring the trails and green space we headed over to the playground.  It was a different kind of playground, one that you can use your imagination with.

After exploring Discovery, we made it over to the splash pad area.  In the courtyard there is an area that shows the state with all the counties.
Indian River County, where mommy is from.
Bradford County, where daddy is from.
Leon County, where you ladies are from.
Next we were off to the splash pad.  This is such a great addition to our area.  I can see us visiting this quite often.

 The longer we stayed the baggier your bathing suit bottom became.  At least they fit this year :)  You ladies burned up quite the appetite so we decided to take you a fun local place for lunch, Voodoo Dog.

 You ladies played Ms. Pac-Man

 You also had your first Voodoo Dog, The Jefferson.  Which is a bacon wrapped hot dog topped with mac-n-cheese.  You ladies loved it!
I call this a successful outing :)
I can see a lot of visits to Cascades Park in our future.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Glimpse of Spring

There have been glimpses of Spring this week, but we have been stuck at school or work.  I was hoping that it would be a nice weekend after all the rain of yesterday and mother nature complied.  We had gymnastics this morning and Emma you were quite the monkey.  One of the stations was the rope and you were just supposed to hold on and tuck your knees into you, well the next thing we see if you have climbed yourself half-way up the knotted rope.  I really should have snapped a picture, but Daddy and I were a little shocked and laughing at the same time.  One of the coaches came over and got you down.

After gymnastics we had breakfast and came home.  It had warmed up since the morning and you ladies wanted to play in the yard and then asked if you could ride your bikes.  You have not been able to ride your bikes much since your birthday and today was a great day to do that.

what a gorgeous day
You ladies are getting much better at peddling and getting started by yourselves.  Emma you have even started to peddle without sitting to use all your momentum.

water break
sassy Lily
It is really nice that we live on the cul de sac and you ladies can just ride around in circles with very little traffic. Our neighbors even come out and move the cars so you have more room, that or they are afraid of you running into the cars :) Hopefully this weather continues and we can get out more often.  Maybe mommy and daddy will get  some bikes and we can all explore around.