Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nana Loves The Egg

We have this restaurant in town called "Another Broken Egg" or "The Egg".  We have gone there for most of the special occasions in your life, your 1st and 2nd birthday, easter, mother's day.  Well your nana loves this place. So we needed to go there while nana and papa were in town.

Before we left you ladies were playing school and Emma was the teacher.  She would say "let's learn today" and then ask questions about the heart in front of you.

We only had to wait a little while once we got there, so we did some pictures outside.  It was beautiful outside!

I have no idea.
secret time
secret time
playing with our new purses from nana

is it our turn yet?
The food was delicious as always!  Nana ordered the cinnamon bun french toast and was in heaven.  We need to find out how to duplicate that recipe!

having and after breakfast snack.
Nana and Papa left shortly after breakfast.  While the visit was short the memories were awesome.  We can't wait to visit again.

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