Friday, June 1, 2012

Last Day of K2A

What a difference a year makes...
Today was your last day of K2A.  Your teachers this year were Ms. Serena, Ms. Virginia (Ms. Hannah, she left before christmas), and Ms. Amanda.  It has been such an amazing year.  You ladies have blossomed so much.  Ms. Serena, is there every morning to great you ladies.  She is so good with you Emma, she has a very calming effect on you.  Ms. Virginia is so patient with you and all your friends.  She has taught you ladies spanish and it is amazing to hear you talking in spanish.  Ms. Amanda came into your class later in the year, but Emma, you took right to her.  You are always saying "my Ms. Amanda" it is adorable.

You had an end of the year party and I was able to come and take some pictures.  I love seeing you ladies interact with your friends.

Emma, Patrick, Nadine, Addison, Kayla

Cameron, Lily

Ms. Virginia

Riley, Parker, Addison, Daniel, Zion, Mariah

Lily and Parker

Emma and "My Ms. Amanda"
Ms. Virginia

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