Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shopping with Nana and Mommy

So today we were going to go window shopping in Thomasville, but Emma, you had other plans.  You woke up not feeling well so we had to make a detour at the doctor's office.

adorable, even when you aren't feeling good.

So after we visited the doctors and got medicine, we decided to stick around town.  So we went over to Market Street.  There are lots of stores over there so we just wandered around.  We went into one shoe store that had dresses as well.

Nana, thought that this was perfect for you Lily.  It looks as though you are saying, "fabulous, I'll take it!"
While nana and I were looking around for shoes I spotted you ladies on the floor.

you ladies are amazing!
We had so much fun shopping with you ladies.  Maybe next time nana visits, we will make it to Thomasville.

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