Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Mommy

We had a two day celebration for my birthday this year.  On Sunday we went to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa at Carrabbas.  The food was really yummy and we had a great time.

So on my actual birthday I was greeted to a full morning of "happy birthday mommy."  It was so nice.  On the way to school, Lily you asked me if it was my birthday today and I said that it was.  You then replied that if it is your birthday mommy, then you get cupcakes.  I thought for a minute and said you know what Lily you are right.  Let's call daddy and tell him that.  So we called daddy and you told him that it was mommy's birthday and she needed cupcakes (oh how I trained you well).

When we got home that night I was hoping that daddy went and got cupcakes, not for me per say, but because I thought you ladies would be really upset, since that first thing you said to me when I picked you up form school was, mommy you get cupcakes today!

We had dinner and then just as promised daddy brought out the cupcakes.  You ladies sang happy birthday to me or was it "Lou", and then we dug into our yummy cupcakes.

waiting for the cupcakes

lily likes it

is emma going to eat hers?

curly Q
birthday mommy and her girls
 What a great birthday!

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