Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday and Easter!

First off, how in the world is it April 8th already????  Please tell me that the time is going to slow down just a little bit.  I feel like you ladies were just born and today you are 2.5 years old. You ladies are going full force on potty training.  You talk non-stop.  I love our conversations in the car on the way home from school, you both are so observant!  We are working on using our "listening ears" better.  You love to read books and play outside.

So now on to Easter.  Nana bought you these dresses and I couldn't wait for you to wear them.  Daddy said that you belonged in the Victorian times because of the crinoline under the dress. :)

We went to brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, The Egg (aka Another Broken Egg).  The wait was not too long and it gave us an opportunity to take some pictures by the lake.

Lily was a little grumpy
look at grumpy in the background :)

its a bird..its a plane..its a ???
family shot
super daddy!
 After brunch, the girls found their easter basket that the easter bunny left.

Lily's basket

Emma's basket

Em checking out the stash

After a well needed nap for everyone Grandma came over for dinner.  But before dinner we had to go find the eggs that the easter bunny left for you.  It's so much fun to watch you ladies grow from year to year.  Last year we had to point out every egg for you and this had it covered!

waiting for the hunt to start
and you're off

Easter Bunny spotting :)

Family shot
the ladies with Grandma
After the hunt we played with your new bubble guns.

Chasing daddy
attacking mommy
We had a minor meltdown when the bubble gun stopped working.

 But then all was well when daddy fixed it.

like daughter
 We played ball with Casey in the front yard.  Lily, we need to work on your throw :)
I got some great shots of  Casey after we tired her out a bit.

Casey's first love

It was such a great day.  I do wish that I could find that pause button though.

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