Saturday, January 7, 2012

Playground Fun

After a week of very cold temperatures, Saturday arrived with a very pleasant day.  Grandma came over and we decided to go to the neighborhood playground.  A lot of other families had the same idea.  Em and Lil have their preferences at the playground and they headed to their favorite playground equipment, the slide for Lily and the swing for Emma.

 Lily could have gone up and down the slide all day long.  She was also acting very cheesy for the camera, so mommy was able to get a lot a great pictures of lilybug today.


silly girl

We then went over a played on the swings with Emma.  Emma loves the swing, she could literally swing all day long.

in a state of zen

After the swing, we went back over to the slides and played a little while longer.

What a great visit to the playground!

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