Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just Another Saturday

After the girls nap we decided to get out and enjoy some fresh air.  We ventured over to Tom Brown Park and it was packed.  There had to be around 150 moms, dads, and kids at the playground.  Daddy said "well this is good training for us and keeping an eye on both of them".  You ladies love the playground so much.  It is so much fun watching you play and figure things out.

deciding what to do first

sliding is a hair raising experience


I'm the king of the world!

this playground stuff is exhausting

playing in the mister

a rainbow
 After all the playing we went over to the field to watch the people flying kites.  The girls were fascinated.  Daddy said that we are going to get some kites soon!

family photo
watching the kites

family photo taken by a nice kite flier


  1. What sweet girls...our twin boys are 8 now and the one thing I regret is not keeping up with recording all of the "conversations" they've had over the years. They certainly make life interesting! Enjoy!

  2. Found you because of "People I want to Punch." I always marvel at parents that can handle twins! They look like cute girls.