Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Vacation: Virginia and Maryland

After a yummy breakfast at the hotel we got packed up and hit the road again, this time our destination was Clements, Maryland.  It was my turn to drive.  The route today took us on a lot two lane back roads, not my favorite to drive one.  We stopped for lunch at a pizza place in Virginia.  Next to the pizza place was a frozen yogurt place so we were going to get some as a treat.  To our surprise they were "closed for the season."  Now this was a new concept to us being from Florida, do you not want ice cream when it is cold outside?  So we ended up going into our snack supply.  This was the second drive that we suggested that you ladies close your eyes for just 10 minutes and then we would wake you up and this was the second time you fell asleep for over an hour :)

We finally entered Maryland!
Not long after crossing the border we had to drive over the Potomac river.  Well let me tell you I am glad you ladies were sleeping when we had to drive over this two lane very high bridge with very little wiggle room.  I will never drive over that bridge again!  

Uncle Steve lives in the middle of nowhere so after some driving we arrived at uncle steve's house.  We was still at work when we got there, but we got to hang out with Amber, Grandma, Parker, Finley and meet baby Ryan.  You ladies made yourself right at home in the playroom, playing dress up with Finley and watching Parker play his video games.  It was really nice to be there and have some down time.  When Uncle Steve got home from work we had another Christmas.
 Princess Emma "Sophia"

 Parker opening his aquabot
 Emma with her new doll
Ryan modeling her new FSU onesie
We were all pretty tired from all the traveling the past few days so you ladies slept upstairs with Grandma in Finley's room and mommy and daddy slept in the office with all of Uncle Steve's deer heads.  I was really glad to have my eye mask so I didn't see the deer staring at me :)  We are looking forward to what is in store for tomorrow, when we went to bed we were talking about going to Arabian nights tomorrow.

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