Saturday, July 28, 2012

St. George Island

So for a few months you ladies have been asking us to go to the beach.  There is a commercial on TV for Sandals and they show an incredible ocean and beach and we you ladies see that you ask us to go.  So the commercial came on the TV Tuesday night and you once again asked us to go to the beach and Daddy looked at me and said, hey mommy, you want to go to the beach on Saturday.  So here we are.  

We decided to go to St. George Island, it takes a little less than two hours to get there.  You ladies had coloring books, your doodle and snacks in the car.  You did ask more than once "are we at the beach yet?"  I thought we had a few more years until that started. :-)

The weather was not on our side as we approached St. George Island, but we were hopeful that it would clear up for just a little while.  We started to sing "rain rain go away, lily and emma want to play at the beach today" and you ladies sang that for awhile.  The rain stopped just as we go to the beach.  It was still somewhat overcast, but we decided to go for it.

When we walked onto the beach, Emma you took off running and loved the sand.  Lily, you were not quite as fond of the sand.  You were walking kinda like Frankenstein. After about a minute or two you really got the hang it and went chasing after Emma.

We set up our tent and put the stuff away.  At first you ladies were just walking around exploring.

Then daddy took to ladies towards the water.  Now this was only your second time at the beach and the first time was over a year ago.

After a little prompting we put your "octopus'" on and the rest was history. Lily you are like a mermaid. You were born for the water.  You jumped in, swam around, jumped over the waves you were in heaven.  Emma, you liked the water as well, you just were not very fond of the salt water and how it felt when it got into your eyes or mouth.  We played in the ocean for a long time.  We also took some breaks to build a sand castle.

our little home

this was the sandcastle

snack break

looks like rain

The weather was kinda yucky and we thought that it would rain at any moment.

After your snack break we all went back into the ocean and played until the rain started.  Initially we stayed in the water, but then the rain got really hard so we retreated to the tent to wait for it to pass.

waiting for the rain to stop

silly lily during our rain break
After waiting a while, the storm didn't look like it was going to pass.  The rain stated to die down so we thought it was a good time to leave, besides it was lunch time and we were all very hungry.  So after a quick change we were headed to lunch.  Several people told me that we should go to the Blue Parrot, and I'm glad we did.  The rain stopped by the time we got there, the food was yummy and we were right on the beach.

Hello, can I help you?

curly Q, the salt water made Em's hair really curly

whose idea was this??

mommy and her girls
our lunch buddy

Lunch was great and within five minutes of being in the car you ladies were sound asleep and slept almost the entire way home.  It was such a great mini getaway.  We will have to do it again soon and maybe go to a different beach.

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