Thursday, June 24, 2010

8 Months Old

I'm a little late in posting this but Happy Belated 8 Month Birthday Lilybug and Emmadoodle. You are growing and learning so much each day. Lily's top two teeth are coming in. Lily has been pulling up and standing up for a few weeks now, Emma is going to pull-up and stand at any moment now. You are eating all kinds of foods now, you love oatmeal with all kinds of fruits mixed in. You are both holding their bottles on your own, which makes me a little sad. You are really aware of each other now and interact and play together. Emma loves when Lily rolls or crawls on top of her.

The monthly picture were somewhat difficult this month. You did not want to sit still, you wanted to eat the paper, play with the bear and just did not seem interested in taking the picture. Funny story about your outfits...last august when you were still cooking, I began looking for Halloween costumes for you. I wanted you to be super cute for your 1st Halloween. So I found these adorable baby ballerina costumes that were marketed as "newborn" outfits. So finally at 8 months old you fit into your "newborn" Halloween costumes.

Here are some other cute pictures from their 8 Month birthday.

Good Morning Birthday Girls

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