Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visit with Santa 2011

I was optimistic about the Santa visit this year.  The girls have been talking a lot about Santa.  They point out his picture everywhere we go.We had a mini photo-shoot before we left the house.  I can't get over how adorable you ladies are!!!!

a pose off

interpretative dance

So we decided to bit the bullet and go see him.  I mean it couldn't be any worse than last year right?

So we patiently (and not so patiently waited) for an hour in line.  The whole time you kept saying "I go see Santa", so we were encouraged.  FINALLY it was our turn to go see Santa, you walked up and both stopped dead in your tracks.  We encouraged you to go give high fives and to tell him what you wanted for Christmas.  We even lifted you both on his lap.  What happened next was very similar to last years picture.  So the "elves" said "mom and dad why don't you go and sit next to Santa".  I will tell you know that mom and dad were not prepared to be photographed with Santa, but we did end up with a very cute "family" picture.

Better luck next year!

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