Saturday, December 17, 2011

PRSM Christmas Party

"Nother Baby....Nother Baby...Nother Baby"  This is what Lil and Em kept saying over and over as we were at the PRSM (parents raising sensational multiples) Christmas Party.  It was such a fun event and great to see all the multiples.  We were in a large room so the kids got to run around and the parents were able to socialize a bit.  Although, Emma was fascinated with the wooden bench that was behind the stage and near a door, so mommy didn't get to chat to much :-)
having some milk before the party starts

Flynn and Malone

three of the Lunsford quads

Flynn or Malone?? ( I can never tell) and Drew from the Lunsford quads

Two of the quads and the Brooks girls
Lily chatting with Ashley
the big kids opening their presents

future family photographer

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