Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011 Part 1...Sebastian

Our Christmas vacation started on Wednesday as we drove to Sebastian.  We picked the ladies up from school and went on our way.  The drive wasn't too bad and the girls slept most of the way.  We had a jam packed several days planned.  We visited Uncle Jimmy at work and we went to the zoo.  Since we were leaving on Saturday night and Uncle Jimmy had to work on was our Christmas.

Last night we did the few traditions that we have started since you ladies were born.  We opened your new Christmas jammies.

We danced around the living room to Dominic the Donkey and we started a new tradition of reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" since you love to read.  Papa was given the honor of the first annual reading.  Which we now compare to an extreme sport.  You ladies love to point out everything that is on the page and say what it is.  Needless to say it takes a lot longer to read stories these days, but it is also so much more fun.  Papa did a fantastic job and we have a great video of him reading to you.

We also wrote our letter to Santa and left him cookies and a carrot for the reindeer's.

And then off to bed you went, with visions of sugar plums in your head.

The next morning "Christmas" Nana was up with you ladies so mommy and daddy could sleep in for a while.  You helped her empty the silverware from the dishwasher and organize the container.

We took some pictures of you in front of the trees while we waited for Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Nicole and Madelyn to come over.

Madelyn got a new seat for her daddy's bike and they rode the bikes over.  Madelyn looked so cute in her bike seat.

We asked Lily if she wanted to go for a ride and she said No (no surprise there :-).  So Emma  hoped on and off she went.  She had so much fun and was smiling from ear to ear when they got back.

We hung out with Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Nicole and the girls played with Madelyn.  It was so great to see them interacting.

no more christmas!
After the girls woke up from their nap the festivities began.  The dresses were from Ms. Ginger, she bought them last year.  They were a little big, but they looked beautiful.  We were able to get some great shots of all the girls.

We opened the stockings and the gift from Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Nicole.

We decided this year to do a secret santa exchange for the adults.  It was a lot of fun.  Mommy had Uncle Jimmy; Daddy had Nana; Nana had Auntie Nicole; Papa had Mommy; Auntie Nicole had Daddy and Uncle Jimmy had Papa.

After the great meal we did the gifts for the girls.  It was so much fun to watch them tear into the presents and for Madelyn to play with all her stuff.  I think that they adults had more fun than the kids.  It truly was magical.

so excited!


this christmas stuff is fun!

more shoes to play with

After the gifts we had to pack up and head back to Tallahassee.  The ride was so much nicer given the gifts that Nana and Papa gave the girls (well they were really for mommy and daddy).

Our time is always too short when we visit, but the memories keep getting better.  I can't wait to see what happens the next time we travel south!

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