Monday, October 3, 2011

What a year!

It can't it really only 5 days until my babies turn 2???  (Well I can't say babies anymore because I tell the girls that mommy doesn't have babies anymore she has big girls).  So I really only have 5 more days until my BIG GIRLS are 2?????  Where did the time go?

A year ago they were toddling around the house and now the are running laps around the house.  Everything about them has changed, their personalities, their voices and vocabulary, their hair.

Lily you are such an amazing little girl.  You still look just like mommy.  Your hair is longer then last year and it is much lighter.  I think blonde is in your future :-).  You are so sweet when you want to be and you LOVE your daddy more than anything in this world.  You like to antagonize your sister in the car and at the house, but she is starting to retaliate, so watch out.  You love to wear mommy's high heels and you walk amazingly well in them.  You take after nana and mommy in that respect.  You love to read and will bring mommy and daddy books to read all day if we let you.  You like to be where the action is at.  You love to have your hair brushed and back rubbed.  You sit on daddy's lap in the morning, so he will rub your back before school.  You will repeat any word we say to you.  I love the way you say people's names.  You are such a joy and we are so happy to have you in our lives.

Emma you are such an amazing little girl.  You still look like daddy and you have so much more hair than last year!  You hair is curly and it's so thick.  You have the biggest blue eyes and you already know how to use them to your advantage.  You LOVE mommy more than anything in this world and are such a cuddler...when you want to be. You like to have your quiet time and will sit in the playroom by yourself playing or reading.  You love to antagonize your sister and you get an evil smirk on your face when you are doing it.  You love to read books, and play with your puzzles.  You also love to have a doll, or stuffed animal with you.  I think there are five in your bed right now :-)  Your vocabulary is amazing and you love to count and sing songs.  You are such a joy and I can't imagine our lives without out you.

We have a big party planned this weekend.  Here are some pictures of the past year.

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