Thursday, October 20, 2011


Since we had family in town for the girls birthday, we thought it would a great opportunity to get some pictures of the cousins.  Madelyn, is Lily and Emma's first cousin.  She is 8 months old in the these pictures and the girls were one day away from turning the big 2!  We went to our favorite park again (there are just so many great spots in the park that you can go a million times and not get the same spot).  Taking pictures of the girls, actually having them look at the same time is difficult, add a third person into the mix...WOW! 

I do love all the pictures and I am so glad that we will have these as well as others for the girls to always look back on.

two out of three looking  isn't bad :-)

Lily and Madelyn

Lily is teaching Madelyn about leaves.
such a happy girl.
This picture will never grow old!
the serious cousin picture 
look at those blue eyes!
acting silly                 
This is where is started to go downhill.  You can't keep the girls away from water :-)

While all that was going on Madelyn was just posing away.  She is absolutely adorable!

Since our clothes were all wet, we needed a wardrobe change, but not before the bloomer pictures.

We moved to another area of the park, with dry clothes on and were able to get these great shots.

We ended with this one afraid that someone was about to go back into the water!

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