Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pajama and Pancake Party...Oh My

Lily and Emma are two!!!!!!  How is that even possible????  I've been planning the Pajama and Pancake Party for quite some time and I was so excited that the day was finally here.  I found a lot of ideas for the party from Pinterest and created this board for easy reference.

The idea for this party came to me one day while the girls and I were driving around running errands, and Lily was asking for her Bebe (blanket) and it struck me...I should do a pajama party for the girls 2nd birthday and while we are at it have pancakes.

Here is the invitation:

I wanted to start a tradition this year since they would be more aware of what was going on then last year of putting balloons in their room while they were sleeping so they would see them once they woke up.  On Friday evening we blew up 24 balloons and quietly placed them in the room while they were sleeping.  We did not count on the fan, so in the morning once they woke up all the balloons were in the corner.  They still noticed them and were yelling "baloon, baloon".

We then started to throw the balloons into their cribs and they went to town.  They were having so much fun, that I didn't think we would get them out of the room.  Emma was trying to walk on them, jumping up and down and falling on them.  Lily was batting them into Emma's crib all the while laughing hysterically.

 The party came together beautifully.  We had 15 toddler and babies in pajamas in the house, back porch and playroom and there were NO meltdowns.  The girls were excited to wear their new jammies that mommy helped Ms. Ginger make.

The decorations came out well and everything went great with the theme.

you can't have a pajama and pancake party without pancake cupcakes

The guests started to arrive and the consumption of the pancakes began.


We were able to get some family shots.
Papa, Uncle Jimmy and Cousin Madelyn

Grandpa, Grandma and Daddy

Uncle Jimmy and Cousin Madelyn
Auntie Nicole and Cousin Madelyn

Mommy and the girls


I wanted to try to get a group shot of all the kids so we started to "set" the area up to make it look cozy and I decided that it was the perfect chance to add story time in.  I mean what is a pajama and pancake party if you do not read If you give a pig a pancake.  We gathered all the kids and the story time began.  Lily and Emma sat on the table for the entire story and beyond, it was a miracle.

During the story there were two girls that wanted a little closer view.

One the story was over we sang Happy Birthday twice, once to Lily and then to Emma.
Happy Birthday to Lily

Happy Birthday to Emma
We then broke into the cupcakes.  Can I say that it was much neater this year than last :-).  It was also great because they fed us all some cupcakes.

Lily going in for the kill

we like the "syrup"

Hey Lil do you like the cupcake


this is really yummy!

feeding mommy and daddy

feeding nana

feeding nana and papa

lily loves papa

emma loves nana

feeding grandma

cupcake time with grandma and grandpa

feeding Ms. Ginger

cupcake time with Mr. Ken and Ms. Ginger

After naptime the girls began to open their presents.  Nana and Papa got them an amazing kitchen.  We had it set up in the living room so they could see it once they came down the stairs.
emma seeing the kitchen for the first time

I love her expression

we love our kitchen

handmade apron from auntie nicole

feeding nana

hanging out with cousin Madelyn

more stuff for our kitchen

We decided to get the girls trikes for their birthday.  
the girls waiting for the garage door to open for the suprise

seeing our trikes for the first time

Lily loves her trike
The party was over around noon and it was a great time for everyone involved!  I am so glad that everyone turned out amazingly, that the girls were surrounded by friends and family who love them.  It was the most amazing day!!!


  1. I'm throwing my identical twin boys a pancake and pajama party in a few weeks! How did you make the cupcakes? :) Its their first birthday and I need this recipe!

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