Saturday, April 6, 2013

Springtime Tallahassee 2013

This was your 3rd Springtime Tallahassee event.  We missed last year because the weather was bad.  Daddy decided that he wanted to run the 5K this year so we had to get there really (really) early.

We got to the start line with some extra time for daddy to get his stretches in.

After his stretches daddy went over to the start line and we waited for the race to start.

getting ready to start.

This finish line for this race was at a different location so while daddy was running we had to walk over to the finish line.  It was quite the trek up and down the hills.  But we made it before daddy finished :)

snack time while we wait for daddy.

We weren't there long and then we spotted daddy coming.
go daddy go!!!!!

Way to go daddy!  Another race under you belt.  We had a post-race refueling break and then headed back up the hills to find our seats for the parade.  You ladies have been talking about this parade for weeks now.  We are able to get a space right on the street.  We had our comfy seats and some snacks.

mommy and Em!
daddy and Lil
The parade was getting ready to start.  Lily, you did not like the loud sirens from the police cars or the fire engine.  Emma you were a dancing queen when the bands came or the floats had music.

 the "princesses"

 the cow stole the candy and he was running away :)
 "luke I am your father"
I call this a successful parade, or was it Mardi Gras???

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