Saturday, April 13, 2013

Garnet and Gold Game 2013

Mommy and Daddy have always gone to the Garnet and Gold game.  It's a fun low-key event. Daddy likes to go to see how the team is coming along and mommy like to go to people watch :)  This year we decided that it could be fun to take you ladies.  You have not really been on campus (the place where mommy and daddy met) since you were babies.  Earlier in the week we took you to the Garnet and Gold store so you could pick out an outfit to wear to the game.  You each picked out a dress (no surprise, you are obsessed with dresses).  They were not the same, but they were similar.  Grandma was going to join us.  When grandma got to the house, we had a mini photo-shoot in the front yard (big surprise).

mommy and her little noles
grandma and her little noles
Nole girls

To say you ladies were excited to go to the "Seminole House" would be a huge understatement!  We stopped for lunch first and then made our way to the campus.  We had some time before the game started so we explored.

 my garnet and gold girls in the garnet and gold flowers

 flash forward 16 years :)

 running around the campus for the first time

 future legacies on the legacy walk

 together, they will conquer the world!

ring around the rosey
daddy and his ladies on the warpath 
almost there 

but daddy, we need a snack :)

Curly Q taking it all in

Hi Cheerleaders! 

Lily, mommy was so proud that you wanted to go see the cow
taking it all in

This was a really fun afternoon.  We have decided that we will wait a few more years to take you to your first real game.  Lily you loved the cheerleaders and dancing to the band.  Emma, you loved people watching and the cheerleaders.

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