Sunday, November 11, 2012

We Went to the Fair

I'm not exactly sure the entire thought process that went into this little adventure, but daddy and I thought that  it would be a super fun idea to take you ladies to the North Florida Fair.  Granted daddy and I have never been and we've lived in town for a very long time.  The weather was perfect, so we thought...why not.

Daddy and Lily taking the lead.
a sneak peak inside.
Waiting our turn in line 
family photo
After we got our tickets (WOW the fair is expensive), we headed over to the "petting zoo."  They had a very large area set up to see, feed and touch the various animals.

watch you glasses Lily.

I think she likes it.

llama llama...


this reminded me of the animal at the end of "The Never Ending Story"


After the petting zoo area we braved your first ride...the carousel.  You ladies loved it!!!!!

Next on the ride agenda were the fire these things went really fast for a little kids ride.

The next ride of choice was the dinosaurs.

We took a small snack break after the spinning rides.  Daddy thought that it was only appropriate that since you were at your first fair, that you need to experience cotton candy...oh daddy

I think they like it...I hope the blue comes off.
Mommy and her blue tongued cuties.
Contemplating going on the ferris wheel.
we did it...hold on Lily
Don't look down.
Arial view of the fair
Daddy and Lily
Mommy and Emma

Overall, it was a successful trip.  You ladies had fun and got to experience the fair and mommy and daddy had mild panic attacks on the ferris wheel.  A good time had by all :)

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