Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall Artwork

I was feeling crafty and I had these canvases lying around the house that I picked up over the summer.  I wanted to do something fall/winter to hang in the living room.  I love handprint art and thought it would be kinda fun to do something with a turkey.  While the girls were napping I went ahead and prepped the canvas and did the outline of the turkey.

  I had some help with the circle (can) and the eyes were google eyes that had on hand.
When the ladies woke up from their nap they were excited to start.  I need to have some smocks so we went to daddy's closet to grab some old shirts.  Nana has a picture of mommy with a shirt like this doing artwork.
While the turkey body dried, we started to work on our other project.  This one was pinterest inspired...snowflakes.  I had prepped the canvas while they were sleeping so all they had to do was paint and mix.

Can we start now mommy...
First smattering of paint on Lily's snowflake picture.
Emma started with white

next comes the smearing
and the swooshing
and the swirling

how does this look mommy???
Emma's smearing is almost done

By the time the snowflakes were done, the turkey feathers were ready to be printed. The girls picked out the colors and the order.
hand painted and ready to feather.

While waiting for the feather to dry our snowflakes were ready to be unmasked.  I think that turned out pretty cute.  Just like real snowflakes, no two are the same.

We still need to do another row of feathers for the turkey project to be complete.  It was daddy's suggestion.

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