Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Trails

You ladies were invited to a classmates birthday party at Happy Trails.  I had not heard of it until we got the invitation, but it is very close to our house. It is a horse farm.

pictures before the party

cutie pie Emma

great smile Lily

Meeting the horses

After we walked around and saw the horses, they brought us into the barn to you could feed the horses.  You ladies had a blast  feeding hay to all the horses.  Daisy was your favorite.

After the hay feeding, they brought you all out onto the hayride to watch the dog show.  They have the smartest poodles.  It was a fun show.

After the poodle show, they took us on a hayride all over the property.  Once we got back, they started the horse rides.  You each got to ride on the two horses.  Lily I was so proud of you, you got right on the horse like you had been riding your whole life.  What a difference from last year, when you did not want to ride the horses.

Emma you were next and you were a pro.  You had a smile from ear to ear the whole time.

Since you ladies were the last two, they let the birthday girl have one last ride and you ladies rode together.

one of my all time favorite pictures!

I think that we will have to have one of your birthday parties here.  You had a great time.

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