Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big Girl Seats and Playground Fun

I had said that I wanted to keep you ladies rear-facing as long as possible.  I had done research and it is safer for you.  Since you both were on the smaller side we just kept you there without a second thought.  My goal was at least 2.5 years.  I decided that since you are almost 3 (in about a month...where has the time gone) that it was as good a time than any.  While you were napping we moved your seats around.

You were so excited when you woke up and we went to the car, you really were not sure what was going on. 

You ladies were so funny in the car.  It was like you had never ridden in a car before.  You were pointing out everything that you saw and making sure that we also so it.  It was like a whole new world had just been created for your viewing pleasure.

We decided to go to the park at Tom Brown.  It was a beautiful afternoon.

on a mission

wait for me guys

queen of the world
so tell me about the universe daddy

mommy and emma
family photo

great form Emma
Daddy and his ladies
watching the dogs

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