Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

We had a great albeit whirlwind Memorial Day Weekend in twin land.   We headed down to see Nana and Papa and finally meet Baby Madelyn on Thursday evening.  Since the Christmas Day driving disaster, we have decided that we need to be night travelers.  We picked the girls up from daycare and started our journey.  We had snack time in the car, the girls were excited about the "lellow cherio" container. About 1.5 hours into the drive I gave the girls their new car toy, a travel magna-doodle.  I showed the girls how to use them, by drawing on the white area and then clearing it with the lever and said "bye-bye".  Within about 30 seconds the girls, were drawing, clearing and saying bye-bye, (and this toy was marked for 3+) :-)  We stopped outside of Jacksonville and grabbed some dinner, changed the girls into their jammies and continued on our journey.  We got to Nana and Papa's house around 11pm, so not too bad.

Friday was fun and low key.  I got to meet my niece Madelyn and she is such a cutie pie!  She has such chubby cheeks and legs, I just wanted to squeeze her the whole time. On Friday evening before dinner we went to a playground before dinner.  As usual, the girls loved the slide, not the little on but the one for ages you sense a theme here???

Baby Baby

Saturday Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Nicole, Mike and I took the girls to the beach for the first time.  We went to the Sebastian Inlet, which was perfect because on the river side, there is a tide pool, that they could go in and just walk around.  The girls were a little apprehensive when we first went into the water,  but within a few minutes, they loved it.  Emma really enjoyed digging in the sand.  Uncle Jimmy was collecting seashells for Lily, which she tried to hold all of them at the same time. Auntie Nicole, took some amazing pictures of the girls.  After spending some time at the tide pool, we did then take them over to the ocean side so the girls could see the Atlantic Ocean.  Emma enjoyed standing on the beach and letting the waves hit her.

walking down to the beach for the first time

not so sure about this water stuff

starting to warm up to the water

hey dad, I think I like this beach stuff

jumping over the "waves"

Emma loves her bucket

splashing in the water

Lily was not happy about having her hat on

I really like this beach stuff!

pouring the water out

family picture at the tide pool

digging in the sand

this beach stuff make me hungry :-)

family picture at the Atlantic Ocean
Saturday afternoon we had a small cookout for lunch and a fish fry for dinner.  Emma wasn't feeling so great that afternoon, (thanks Uncle Jimmy for helping out), but by Saturday evening she was back to herself.

On Sunday, it was our 7th wedding anniversary, so Mike and I got to go to breakfast alone on the river, it was so peaceful and relaxing.  We went to a restaurant called Squid Lips and they had the most amazing tropical french toast.. While Mike and I were at breakfast, Lily was helping Chef Papa make breakfast.
Happy 7th Anniversary honey!

Sous Chef Lily

looking at the pancakes

Emma blowing on the pancakes

Sunday afternoon, Auntie Nicole and Madelyn came over for some cousin pictures.  Emma did not want to take the pictures, so most of them are of Lily and Madelyn, and they are adorable.
Lily loves Madelyn

Emma did not want to be there!

We left last night around 4pm again and drove back home.  It was a whirlwind trip, but so worth it.
rock star Emma

I don't want to leave!!!!!!!

I don't want to leave!!!!!!!

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