Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lady Bug 1st Birthday Party

As you can see from the title we had a Lady Bug theme for your first birthday.  It was not a big event, it was all family that could attend (Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Nicole, Baby Holbrook, Auntie Nita, Auntie Judy, Auntie Trace') and a few close friends (Toni, Jason, Jennifer, Mr. Ken, Ms. Ginger, Chris and Peggy). 

The day started out as usual with your morning milk.  Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Nicole took over breakfast duties.

After breakfast you went on a walk with Uncle Jimmy and Aunite Nicole while we did some stuff around the house.



Papa made the awesome party favors!

It was now time for your grand entrance.  You both looked adorable as little lady bugs.

Auntie Nita and Trace' bought you pony's for your birthday.

Nana wanted to try it out as well.
We then mingled around with everyone.

such a big girl!

We opened a few presents.

Jennifer wore her lady bug dress for the party

you loved the balls

And then went to take some family pictures before it was time for cake.


After the photo shoot we were on our way to get ready for cake.

We sang Happy Birthday to each of you.  Emma started to cry because there was too much attention on her.

And got really interesting.  Lily you went full force into the cakes and Emma took her time.

And here is where things really started to get of control.

Not nearly as messy as Lily.


we were cleaning out your nose so you could breath
we took the cake away and you were not happy

you no longer had a mouth or nose!
I had a panic moment at this point.  Lily, you no longer had a mouth or nose and you were both covered in red and black frosting that I did NOT think would come off.  Note to self, for next year...DO NOT use black frosting.  We immediately took you both to the back and hoped that you would come clean.  Everything came off (don't ask me how) and we came back downstairs to play with your new lady bugs.

It was such a great party. I know that you won't remember any of it, but we took lots of pictures to show you in the future!  Can't wait until next year :-)

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