Friday, October 8, 2010

1st Birthday

One year ago our lives changed forever! I look back and think about our lives before LE (Lily and Emma) and it doesn't seem complete.  There were two things missing from it...Happy Birthday Lily and Emma!

Nana and Papa came up for your birthday (Auntie Nicole, Uncle Jimmy and Baby Holbrook would be here for the party tomorrow).  You had your milk and we opened a few presents.

I thought it would be fun if we started a tradition of going to breakfast on or around your birthday.  While we were getting ready and I cam down the stairs to see this.   I so wonder what was going through your head Lily.

 So off we went to Another Broken Egg.  Grandma and Grandpa also joined us.  This was your first "official out to eat breakfast".  We ordered you ladies silver dollar pancakes, with scrambled eggs.  You also got a "taste" of homemade whipped cream.
Emma deciding what to order

She seems more interested in that table behind us

playing peek a boo with the menu



After we were done with breakfast we went outside to get some pictures.

we survived a year and are still smiling :-)

After the girls nap we opened a few more presents and Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Nicole and Baby Holbrook arrived for the evening milk.

What a fantastic day and a great way to celebrate your birthday.  Tomorrow is your "Lady Bug" party with friends and family.

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