Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Vacation: North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia

We left Cherokee a littler later than planned and headed to Virginia.  We had booked a hotel with an indoor pool for another activity.  There was also a science museum that we were going to try and visit.  Daddy was the driver today, so I got to really enjoy the scenery.  We were in the middle of the mountains and saw lots of ice on the side of them.

For the first leg of the race the girls decided to watch Annie on the new DVD players.  The best thing that Santa did was to bring headphones for the DVD players.  That way we could listen to the radio and they could listen to the movie.  Not that I don't love Annie, I just like the radio better.

At some point Lily got bored with Annie and switched to her tablet.  Another great present from Santa.
We stopped for lunch in Tennessee and it was really yummy.  It was a chain restaurant of sorts, but we don't have it here.  We took our time and enjoyed our lunch.  We really didn't have set plans for Virginia.  We learned a good travel lesson today, even if google maps says it is only 4.5 hours to our destination, they do not take into consideration traveling with two 4 year olds.  So after potty breaks, a yummy lunch and more potty breaks we arrived in Virginia after the science museum has closed.  I was glad to have the pool at the hotel so we would be able to burn off some energy.

Our hotel was really nice and we were all pretty tired from the long travel day.  We grabbed a quick dinner and came back to go swimming.  I was curious to see how much the ladies retained from the summer swim lessons.  I was pretty impressed with what they were able to do and we will build on this over the summer.

The pool was great, but holy chlorine!  My brown suit is now orangish and the girls white suits are more yellow.  There was an upside to the pool, we all slept like babies!  Tomorrow we are headed to Uncle Steve's house.  We are excited to meet Ryan and spend time with the family, including Grandma who has been there for about a week now.

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