Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Today was a great day...spring has finally sprung.  Well I guess officially it sprung earlier, but it was during the week and today was a weekend and we took full advantage of this beautiful day.  It started out early with Daddy running in the 6th Annual Autism 5K.  Daddy had to leave early to go register so we met him before the race started.

We got there while the 1 mile race was still going on, so we got to cheer on the racers.

Once the 1-mile race was over they had a warm-up, and then it was race time.
headed into the shoot.

and away he goes.....

see you in 3.1 miles daddy :)

While daddy was running they had some activities to keep you ladies busy; facepainting and easter egg hunt and arts and crafts.

We went to wait for daddy, and then the storm trooper arrived.

almost there daddy

post race hugs from Emma
post race hugs from Lily
way to go daddy!  We are so proud of you.
post race picture with the storm trooper and sand person....future christmas card.
So after lunch and naps we decided to take advantage of this amazing day and went to the playground.  We had not been to this one, and it was a lot of fun.  There were all kinds of things for you ladies to do.

tire swing with mommy
Swinging with daddy
quick phone break to talk to cousin madelyn
Walking across the bars, both of you ladies did this today.

i love this picture
Lily being silly
watching the baseball practice.

Today was such an amazing spring day!

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