Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

This valentine's day was also inspired by Pinterest.  Since we have moved to more real food/healthy eating I wanted to do something for the girls to bring to class that did not involve candy.  Last year I made crayons and I had every intention of doing that again, but time slipped away from me as it does more and more everyday.  So off to Pinterest I went in search of something fun, and I found the most adorable printables.  These were perfect.  I printed them and had some help cutting and when we got home I had you pick which one you wanted to give you.  Lily, you chose the apple and Emma, you chose the orange.

Since I only had two days to put this together I ran to the store and bought some bags and ribbon.  I found out the hard way that I bought the wrong bags and each apple and orange were lovingly stuffed into the bags.  You ladies were so excited to bring them to your friends and everyone that saw them thought it was a great idea.  I agree, it was a great idea, and it made me feel good.

 So fast forward to the actual day.  When you woke up you saw the little mailboxes that we got for you with a few little goodies.  You are probably seeing the candy and saying "mommy didn't you say you wanted to stay away from candy."  You are right...this is a work in progress :)
 You were excited to bring your treats to your friends for the school party.  I wished that I would have remembered your heart tights for your dresses, but you looked adorable without them.
"Vice-President" daddy surprised "President" mommy with flowers at work.  They are beautiful.
We went out for a "fancy" dinner to Tropical Smoothie, and had yummy ice cream from our favorite place Lofty Pursuits.  So much has changed over these past 4 Valentine's days.  This day is even more special to us because we found out we were pregnant with you on Valentine's day.

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