Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Visit with Nana and Papa

So Nana and Papa decided to come for a visit to watch your last gymnastics class for the summer.  You were so excited to see them pick you up from school.  We went to class and it was the best class ever.  You went on the big floor and got to jump into the pit.  You had a bounce house in your class.  

After class we went to dinner and daddy met us.  Dinner was yummy, but lately we can't have dinner in Market Street and not got to Lofty Pursuits for ice cream.  Lily, you had your usual blue sprinkles.

On Friday, Nana need to go to the mall for something so we made an adventure out of it.  While mommy and nana were getting ready, we had papa do your hair.

good job papa

He did a really good job.  Nana was so excited to see your overalls.  She had those made for you when you were about 6 months old.  She thought you would have to be in kindergarten before you could wear them.

We hung around the mall for a bit and then had lunch.  After lunch we went to Toys R Us!  Papa was crazy, according to emma while we were there.  He wanted to buy a remote control dinosaur for the house.  That idea was vetoed!

After you ladies went to bed on Friday night I talked to Papa about helping to build something with the really large boxes that we had been given that were sitting in the garage.  I could not have imagined what he would create.

So on Saturday he started to work on it.  We took a break and went swimming and then he went back to work.  While you ladies were napping nana and mommy went shopping to buy some stuff for the house and for ourselves :-)

When we got home we saw this.....

We were all shocked.  Papa was busy while we were out.  Nana thought that you ladies needed these really cool remote control cars so we played with this for a while.

After you ladies went to bed, mommy helped papa with the decorating of your house.  We moved it from the back porch into the other living room and is REALLY big.

Nana and papa let mommy and daddy sleep in on Sunday.  Papa told me that when you ladies woke up you ran to the back porch to see the house.  When you didn't see it, Emma you told papa that someone took your house.  He told you ladies to look around and you might be able to find it.  He said that your look was priceless when you saw it in the room.

Now a visit with nana and papa wouldn't be complete if we didn't have breakfast at The Egg.  Nana loves The Egg.

Breakfast was great as usual.  Afterwards we went to look at the pond and you ladies went on a walk with nana and daddy around the pond.

When we got back home we needed to get some pictures with you ladies and the master builder.

papa and his girls
Silly Papa
Nana wanted to play too
The visit was once again fantastic and the play house is amazing.  Papa you have really topped yourself, what will you do next?

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