Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Man at the Bus Stop

On our way home from school today I was stopped at the red light and the following conversation happened.

Lily: Mommy, a man standing over there.
Mommy: I see him Lily
Lily: What he doing mommy?
Mommy: He is waiting on the bus Lily.

The light turns green and I start to go and Lily says " bye bye man at the bus stop."  So cute, but then the following happened:

Lily: Mommy why man not driving (I confess that I took me a few times to get what you were saying)
Mommy: He may not have a car.
Lily:  Lily and Emma have a car.
Mommy: Well, mommy and daddy have a car that Lily and Emma ride in.
Lily: Oh ok.  Lily and Emma have seats in mommy and daddy car.
Mommy: Yes you do.

For the rest of the ride home I kept replaying this conversation in my head.  WOW...It is amazing to me that you understood the concept of cars and driving and wondered why "the man" was not driving.  You ladies continue to amaze me.

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