Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I Love

  • I love when daddy lets me stay in bed over the weekend and he gets the girls up and changed and then they come into my room and jump on my bed.  I love even more when one of them stays in bed and cuddles with me for 20 minutes.  Thanks Emma
  • I love milk time at our house.  It's a time for snuggles and just peace and quiet.  This happens in the morning and the evening.  I love even more when both girls are sitting with me...sorry daddy.
  • I love the way the the interact with each other (most of the time).  They are so sweet and are really affected by what the other does.  They are truly best friends.
  • I love the concern the have for each other.  When one is crying the other comes over and pats her back.  My heart melts.
  • I love how polite they are with everyone.  Saying please and thank you really warms my heart.  "Tank you mommy" is my favorite phrase.
  • I love how they light up when we get home and see daddy.  I also love when I am gone and they see me.
  • I love how we march around the house every night before the girls go to bed.  It's the little wind down before bed.
  • I love that Emma has 8 stuffed animals and 4 blankets in her bed at all times.
  • I love when I drop them off at school that they come and say "kiss and hug mommy".
  • I love that I am their mommy!

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