Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a Week

So this past week started out normal, July 4th was on Monday, I had a mommy day on Tuesday, but when Em woke on on Wednesday I knew something was wrong.  She had this lump on the left side of her head that was not there the night before.  I instantly knew that something was wrong...I had that mommy feeling.  You know that pit in your stomach when something is just not right.  I called the Dr.'s office and got her in that morning.  We did not see her regular doctor, but he was very nice.  He checked her out and sent us to get some further tests done.  So we had those tests done and then ended up in the hospital for overnight observation.

I've always had a soft spot for nurses and the pediatric nurses at the hospital were no different.  They were so kind and supportive.  Daddy brought Lily by and they girls went to the playroom.  They had a great playroom at the hospital.  Once daddy and Lily left for the evening, it really hit me.  This was the first night that the girls were going to be away from each other.  Mike said that Lily was asking for Emma in the car and when she went to bed.  It is amazing to see the bond that they have and I know that it will only get stronger with time.

We were released late Thursday morning.  I learned some very valuable lessons from this week.  One, mommy intuition is a real thing.  I knew that something was wrong and I am so glad that I acted on it.  Two, as much as I want to protect the girls from the world, I know that I can't control everything.  I wish that Em did not get hurt, I wish that I could have done something to halt it. Three, I want to put the girls in a bubble so I can protect them.  Does anyone have a spare bubble that I can use??

We did end the week on a good note, we are all back together.  The girls were...well the girls were themselves and we love that.  Here's hoping that this week is much better than last week.  :-)

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