Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tallahassee Jr. Museum

On Saturday we decided to head over the the Tallahassee Jr. Museum.  Neither Mike nor I had been there so it was a first for all of us.  We were not quite sure what to expect, but we had a lot of fun.  We went over to the nature preserve to see the Florida indigenous animals.
Heading into the Jr. Museum

The icky snake

The Turkey Vulcher

The Bald Eagles

The owl (whoo whoo)

Duck Duck



the otter


Florida Panther
After we did the nature preserve, we went over to the 1880's replica working farm.  The girls really enjoyed this area because we could get up close and personnel with the animals.  It was funny to ask the girls what sound the different animals made and then to hear the animals make the noise.


emma and the goose

mommy petting the cow

 As we were looking at the horse and mommy was petting it's head, Emma started to say and sign "more" over and over again.  We were trying to figure out what she wanted more of and then realized that there was another horse in the pasture and that was the "more".  Silly girl.

We had a really fun time.  It is so much fun to see and experience new things with the girls.  It's like seeing it for the first time.  I know that this is just the beginning and it will get better and better for each new experience and I can't wait to see what our future holds.

Yes, she put them on this way :-)

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