Friday, April 8, 2011

18 Months

The past 18 months have been the best and the hardest of our lives.  Everyday brings a new adventure and some are better than others.  I love going in to get the girls in the morning and they are smiling and so happy to see us.  I count to three and turn the light on, Lily usually sneezes a few times. During the week we go to visit Ms. Regina and all our friends.  On the weekend we have family time. You love going to the park.  Lily you love the slide and would play on it all day.  Emma, you love to swing on the swings.  Looks like we need to get a playground

The girls are changing everyday and becoming more and more independent.  There are new words everyday.  They are like little sponges, and it it truly amazing to see their brains working.

Lily- you are such a joy.  You are so outgoing and love to say "hi" to everyone you see.  You have the cheesiest smile and are a bit of a ham when the camera is out.  You have 14 teeth and two more are coming in.  I love to put your hair in piggy tails.  You love to cuddle with daddy in the mornings and mommy in the evenings.  You love books and reading them.  You still look so much like mommy!

Emma- you are the sweetest child I know.  You are so serious and take everything in, but you also have the best laugh and such a beautiful smile. You have 16 teeth.  I love that you can see the gears in your brain working.  You are the most adorable walk/run/trot.  You remind us of "Stuart" on Mad TV...look what I can do.  You are very independent and I love that you read the books to yourself.  Your hair is coming in very thick and you have the cutest little curl on the back.  You still look so much like daddy!
18 Months Old Today

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